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The attorney general, whose term expires in early 2023, has said he wouldn’t seek re-election. The state attorney general, Letitia James, is proceeding aggressively with her civil case. Abbott’s letter to state agencies came after Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton this week released a non-binding legal opinion that labeled certain gender-confirming treatments as “child abuse.” That goes against the nation’s largest medical groups, including the American Medical Association, which have opposed Republican-backed restrictions filed in statehouses nationwide. “What is clear is that politicians should not be tearing apart loving families – and sending their kids into the foster care system – when parents provide recommended medical care that they believe is in the best interest of their child,” said Kate Murphy, the senior policy associate for child protection at Texans Care for Children. Cathryn Oakley, state legislative director and senior counsel for the Human Rights Campaign, said no other governor has taken the same action as Abbott. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered the state’s child welfare agency to investigate reports of gender-confirming care for kids as abuse, a directive that opponents say is a first by any governor over GOP efforts to restrict transgender rights. Attacks on his character, Vindman said, were “part of a well-worn playbook that included public threats and smears.” Sometimes that playbook was used purely to advance political goals, Vindman said, but Trump Jr., Giuliani, Scavino, and Hahn were part and parcel of the president’s efforts to obstruct justice and scare him off from testifying during impeachment.

Investigators say a raft of documents, testimony, and other evidence so far obtained in the probe have led them to believe that he was a ringleader of the former president’s “alternate electors” scheme. Ms. Lucio, a Mexican-American from the Rio Grande Valley, is on death row despite forensic and eyewitness evidence that her daughter died from a head injury after a fall. Presenting evidence to the court to guard their client. Vindman first sued Trump Jr. on Feb. 2 in a federal court in Washington, D.C., But Trump Jr. wasn’t alone; Vindman added Rudy Giuliani and two other Trump White House officials, Julie Hahn and Dan Scavino, to the complaint. Vindman has not disclosed how much he is seeking in damages. In his lawsuit, Vindman argues that the conspiracy to intimidate him was a violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act, which prohibits intimidation of officials carrying out their duties.

Military officials say they have to rely on their mental health experts to decide whether someone is mentally fit to go back into war, and they cannot make a blanket policy of not redeploying troops diagnosed with PTSD. Iraq. He took shrapnel from an IED in his leg, shoulder, and back. Kueng knelt on Floyd’s back. “They chose to do nothing, and their choice resulted in Mr. Floyd’s death,” she said. Jackson, 51, has been viewed for months as a top contender and fits the bill that Biden and left-leaning activists have sought in the aftermath of Republicans’ successful attempt to pull the judiciary to the right under former President Donald Trump. It comes months after Texas Republican legislators – who filed more anti-LGBTQ proposals last year than in any other statehouse – proposed laws banning such treatments but failed to pass them. Last week offices at the Houston Health Department were raided by the FBI. The Department of Justice has over 115,000 employees across dozens of countries and an operating budget equivalent to that of a Fortune 100 company. Anything is possible if you have filed a lawsuit against the negligence party, the insurance company you have considered to be the most reliable once can act as the negative point of your case.

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justice Filing a lawsuit and seeking justice from her court it becomes essential. This is not just necessary during the meetings as well as when you face the court. During an interview on Newsmax, Habba claimed that it had been improper for state Supreme Court Judge Arthur F. Engoron to call Donald Trump a “bad guy” during a court hearing over the attorney general’s right to subpoena. This does not mean that Trump is off the hook in New York. Trump Jr. could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. The experience he underwent at the hands of the Trump administration, however, had severe emotional, financial and reputational harm repercussions, he alleged. Former prosecutor Daniel Goldman explained that while a criminal case against Trump would be very difficult, there’s “something rotten” going on when the top prosecutors publicly resign. And Lane voiced concerns that showed he knew Floyd was in distress but “did nothing to give Mr. Floyd the medical aid he knew Mr. Floyd so desperately needed,” the prosecutor said.

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